Hey! I’m Mikara Reid, the podcast host. Outside of podcasting, I am an Image Consultant, Stylist and Merchandise Agent working with independent brands and business owners….

…. My sole purpose for starting this podcast is to get back to providing personal styling advice, but in a more modern way. When I first got into the fashion industry, I was doing a lot of personal styling in Miami, FL as well as helping strangers in various retailers. The past year and a half, I wasn’t doing it as much, so I wanted to get back to what excites me—personally styling women of all shapes and sizes. I always valued the importance and impact of enhancing a women’s confidence while getting her dressed for an event, an interview or a date night. It’s a reward that can never be replaced for me. Starting this podcast, Fashionably Dating Mikara, I look forward to helping women be more confident in their personal style while accomplishing the purpose in life or in business.